Imagine a life of freedom!

debPhotoThat’s what the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution offers!

Our signature smoking cessation solution combines laser therapy with proven coaching techniques to overcome both the physical and emotional components of tobacco addiction. The Break Free Stop Smoking Solution is a proven system developed by Founder and Wellness Expert, Deb Shaver. As Clinic Director of her own successful multi-faceted pain and injury management clinic and a former smoker herself, Deb saw the need to develop a solution for this habit forming dependency and has since helped thousands of clients lead healthier, happier, smoke-free futures.


Break free of your dependency

Your Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Pre-Appointment Checklist
    Informative pre-appointment instructions that are designed to help you mentally prepare for your appointment
  • Health History
    A general health history
  • Reflective Touch Point Therapy
    Your Break Free Treatment Plan is based our signature methodology which combined with laser therapy brings an integrated approach to helping our clients break free of their smoking addiction.
  • Trigger Index
    Our proprietary tool helps to identify and conquer barriers by recognizing the triggers and are given the tools to overcome them.
  • Laser Therapy Treatment
    Our revolutionary stop smoking laser therapy treatment used acupressure points and methodologies for treating addiction.
  • Follow Up Treatments
    As a confidence builder with our clients, we offer complimentary follow-up appointments should additional support be required by the client.  As approved by the Therapist.


So what are you waiting for?

Contact one of our treatment centres today to learn how the
Break Free Stop Smoking Solution can help you Be Smoke Free for life.