Business Building FAQ’s

Return on Investment – What’s your ROI?
Every new Break Free Licensee receives the entire Break Free System, enabling you to start, grow and advertise your Break Free Stop Smoking Solution practice immediately. Every step of the process from our trademarked program, to equipment, to marketing and communications materials and operations training are included.

How do I market the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution?
We supply you with all of the basics to get you started. From print, social media, phone and email scripts and web add-on’s there is no reason you can’t start getting the word out about Break Free …and get clients in the door!

Here is the exciting part! 

As a Licensee, you will 100% pay off your initial investment with just 20 clients served. Imagine in just one month of your start up operation, you can be fully functioning with little to no debt. That is virtually unheard of with starting a new business.

A Financial Snapshot 

  1. Great add on to an existing practice – medical, wellness, spa or rehabilitation related. At full operating capacity (6 clients per day) the potential of one practitioner could accrue over $400K per year. If used as a add-on to an existing wellness, medical or rehabilitation company, Break Free is often regarded as a great gateway offering to get new clients in the door.
  2. Startup Entrepreneur – This is a great business venture that is low cost, low risk and with an easy to implement system.
  3. Break Even Analysis – In just 20 clients your start up investment is completely paid off.
  4. Our Easy Money Snapshot – If you treat only 1 client per day you would make over $70,000 per year.

Treatment Program FAQ’s

Our business model and treatment system builds confidence and great results.   With a solid brand and a smart coaching system to help you grow your business, we want you to be a success!

How much does a treatment cost? 

Clients invest $299 for the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution. This includes two mandatory sessions with the option of two complimentary additional treatments.

How does Break Free differentiate from regular laser therapy?

Based on our proprietary program, the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution leads the way with the Industry’s highest long term success rate. With over ten years expertise and knowledge working with thousands of clients, we can confidently say our success rate is 50% higher than other smoking cessation programs.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Risks include having the laser come into contact with your eyes. We ensure you wear protective glasses that keep your eyes safe. Some patients have reported that they feel drowsy following treatments.

What Should I Expect During A Stop Smoking Laser Therapy Treatment?

When you enter our clinic, you will be greeted by our receptionist and shown into a private treatment room. The first part of the treatment is a conversation between yourself and the therapist. The therapist will give you the tools to recognize the cigarette is not your friend, as well as the tools to overcome any emotional cravings. Before the treatment begins, you will be asked to put on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the laser. Trigger points are stimulated individually using the pen-like laser. You may feel a slight tingling sensation throughout your body – this is normal. As the treatment continues, your body will begin to release endorphins and powerful neurochemicals that will help you to relax naturally.

How Is The Laser Administered?

The laser is placed on trigger points on your hands, ears, and face in order to activate the appropriate endorphins.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Treatment?

We have a 90 percent success rate – often with just one visit! In comparison, other stop smoking aids, like the patch for example, have an effectiveness rate of roughly 30 percent.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Absolutely. Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions, laser therapy is a non-toxic, drug-free, non-invasive stop smoking solution.


Ready to start your business?
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