Core Components & Program Structure.

Back ‘n Motion has consistently treated 10+ clients every single month for the past two years. This added over $3000 per month to our bottom line. Many months are much higher. Prior to that we found that the phone calls for the program, were very sporadic and those that did come in were not always turned over to clients. We have developed both a scripted response for both telephone and email enquiries that now results in an 80% conversion rate.

The Break Free Stop Smoking Solution consists of the following:

It is a system of steps used to aid in smoking cessation using your current laser equipment.
Discussing the business case for the program. You may also need to add a Laser Probe if you don’t already have one. We can of course help with the sourcing and pricing of this.




Help gain exposure on the Break Free website and generate more leads.




Print ready with space to put your clinics logo and contact information.



Scripts For Email Enquiries

Proven to close more sales.



Scripts For Telephone Enquiries

Proven to close more sales.



Intake/Health History Forms

Provides the foundation for the conversation.

forms-iconPre-Appointment Instructions

Prepares client for appointment.  Instructions help them get excited about becoming Smoke Free versus afraid to lose their best friend. Also helps reduces cancellations.

acupunture-iconAcupuncture points

Activate Acupuncture points to suppress cravings, appetite, reduce stress, relieve withdrawal symptoms and release endorphins giving the client an overall feeling of well being.

conversation-iconTrigger Index

Essential to address emotional addiction.  Proven techniques.



Take Home Instructions

A summary of the treatment.



Detailed Price & Treatment Structure

Return on Investment – What’s your ROI?

Every new Break Free Licensee receives the entire Break Free System, enabling you to start, grow and advertise your Break Free Stop Smoking Solution practice immediately. Every step of the process from our trademarked program, to marketing and communications materials and operations training are included.

Yearly License Renewal

As a Break Free Therapist, we support the growth of your practice with ongoing marketing and training support. As a Licensed Practitioner the only ongoing fee we charge is one time yearly renewal fee of so that you can continue to grow and maintain a healthy and prosperous business. Our management team is committed to making sure you are supported and are confident in selling and delivering the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution.

How much does a treatment cost?

Clients invest $299 for the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution. This includes two mandatory sessions with the option of two complimentary additional treatments.

Here is the exciting part!

As a Licensee, you will fully 100% pay off your initial investment with just 35 clients served. Imagine in less than a year of your start-up operation, you can be fully functioning with little to no debt. That is virtually unheard of with starting a new business.

A Financial Snapshot

  1. Great add on to an existing practice – medical, wellness, spa or rehabilitation related. At full operating capacity (6 clients per day) the potential of one practitioner could accrue over $400K per year. If used as a add on to an existing wellness, medical or rehabilitation company, Break Free is often regarded as a great gateway offering to get new clients in the door.
  2. Startup Entrepreneur – This is a great business venture that is low cost, low risk and with an easy to implement system.
  3. Break Even Analysis – In just 35 clients your start up investment is completely paid off.
  4. Easy money – If you only treated 1 clients per day you would make over $70,000 per year.

Benefits of the Program

How does Break Free differentiate from regular laser therapy?

Based on our proprietary Reflective Trigger Indexes, the Break Free Stop Smoking Program leads the way with some of the industries highest long term success rates. With ten years of expertise and knowledge and in working with thousands of clients, we can confidently say we have a success rate of well over 90%   Our success rate is based on one year and longer treatment success and only 7% of our treated clients ever recur.


Our business model and treatment system builds confidence and great results.   With a solid brand and a smart coaching system to help you grow your business, we want you to be a success!

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Treatment Structure

  • Pre-Appointment Instructions emailed to client when appointment booked.
  • Initial Treatment
  • Follow up instructions sent home with client


  • Follow-up Treatment. Ideally booked 48hours after initial treatment or at least in first week.
  • 2 additional treatments available for use in first three months following initial treatment