What is the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution?

Incorporated in June of 2013, the Break Free Smoking Solution combines laser stop smoking therapy with proven techniques to overcome the physical and emotional dependencies of nicotine addiction. Based on the Smoking Cessation program developed by Deb Shaver of Back ‘n Motion, the Break Free Smoking Solution has helped hundreds of people embark on a healthier, happier, smoke-free future.

Why Offer the Break Free Program at Your Clinic?

With a proven success rate of nearly 90 percent, the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution is an effective and cost-efficient stop smoking laser treatment. Designed for easy implementation and training, our turn-key program enables existing laser therapy treatment centres to make the most of their existing infrastructure to provide permanent relief from nicotine addiction.

Your Break Free Stop Smoking Solution licensee package provides all of the tools needed to successfully deliver our revolutionary smoking cessation program:

  • Informative pre-appointment client instructions that are designed to mentally prepare patients for a smoke-free future.
  • A health history and questionnaire template designed to give clues to the client’s emotional addictions.  This also provides the template for the conversation.
  • An in-depth conversation that will change the way your client thinks about smoking, while also giving them the tools to recognize and overcome their emotional addiction to nicotine.
  • Instructions for implementing our stop smoking laser therapy treatment.
  • Detailed take home instructions to aid your clients in their new smoke-free lifestyle.
  • A follow up conversation to be used when clients comes in for follow up appointment.  This conversation uncovers any triggers that still may be present and gives the client the tools to overcome them.
Don’t just block the symptoms of nicotine addition; help your clients tackle the true issues fuelling their bad smoking habit. Help them to break free of their dependency and change their life with the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution.

Boost your bottom line, build your brand, and provide your clients with an effective, efficient smoking cessation treatment.