Our proud partners and clients

Here’s what just a few have to say about their experience:

“There are no words to express my depth of gratitude for all the time, effort and energy you have taken while mentoring me to be a Break Free Therapist. Adding the Break Free Stop Smoking Solution Program to my health and wellness business has been a great decision. Since starting clients in “Break Free” I have been astounded by their success and my clients are so satisfied and happy to consider themselves non-smokers.”

Heather Lancombe, Scotia Laser
Halifax, NS

“Laser therapy was definitely the easiest option for me. When you wake up the next morning you have no desire for a cigarette.”

Tracey Fitzroi

“Although I struggled a bit after my first appointment, my Break Free Therapist, was there to support me. It was so much easier after my second appointment. I am still smoke-free three years later.”

Jim Buchanan

“I would like to thank my Break Free Therapist for being an active part of my challenge in quitting smoking. You have changed my life! I feel healthier, more active and most of all motivated to take on any challenge that comes up.”

Shelleigh Carter

“Thank you Deb!   I am one of your success stories. I had smoked for 45 years. I did your stop smoking program in November of 2006 and today I am still smoke free at seven years and counting.”

Thank You,
E Washburn